Are you the one? You never know when you’ll encounter an ange... on Twitpic

It was a honor to be in the same room as Astronaut Doug Wheelock this weekend at the #NASATweetup. What an American Hero. He is currently being deployed to Afghanistan where he will put his Astronaut duties on hold to serve our country. Stay safe, @Astro_Wheels

Atlantis revealed after RSS retraction. (Taken with instagram)

Godspeed Atlantis #STS135 #nasatweetup (Taken with instagram)

Zoe helping her da with yardwork #shihpoo (Taken with instagram)

Bring on the #NASATweetup ! (Taken with instagram)

NASA's Official #STS135 #NASATweetup Press Release

Well, it’s official official now.. 7 Days away, and I’m super excited…

The best email I’ve ever received.
More details forthcoming when I can find a few minutes in between finishing my travel plans and work.

Sweet ZoZo (Taken with instagram)

Typical Friday Night (by gstung)

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